Kamis, 10 Februari 2011


Remedial bahasa inggris

Remedial Bahasa Inggris
Merangkum Catatan Semester 1

Contoh :
-Good Morning (00.00 - 12.00 a.m)
-Good Noon (At exactly at 12.00 a.m)
- How are you ?(Someones condition)
-What are you doing ?(Someones activity)

-Leave Taking
Contoh :
1.Formal Leaving
Contoh :
Good bye,Good Night(time to go to bed)

2.Informal Leaving
Contoh :
-See you
-See later

Contoh :
1. Introducing Oneself
-My name is...(mention the name)
-i,d like to introduce myself(using the expressions)
-good morning my friends(greeting)
-any question for me ?(offering question)
-Thank for your attention(closing)

Contoh :
-Thank you
-you're welcome

Contoh :
- Please forgive me for having
-are u really sorry
-i'm sorry
-i dont accept your apologies